Posted on June 2, 2014

Care Farming Helps Communities

Community leaders agree that everyone benefits when people are willing to work together. However, coming to an agreement on certain issues is tough, especially when everyone has their own ideas for correct actions. This is why team-building activities are excellent resources for communities and are used by companies who sponser us with fundraising. Care farming is one of these team-building activities. It is used to rehabilitate people, instil more confidence, and to help people to work together to achieve common goals. Those who participate in care farming love the fact that they get to interact in a positive way with others. Here are some ways in which care farming helps to build a strong community.

People who live within smaller communities benefit from care farming in a variety of ways. For one, it allows people who live within a neighbourhood to get to know each other better. It also allows people to meet one another from neighbouring communities. They might not otherwise see these people, or know what to say to them, outside of care farming. People naturally share personal experiences with others as they work. Care farming is a social activity, and it allows you to learn much more about others who live near you.

Kids and teenagers cause many problems for some communities. Those who do not have supervision often break the law. They have the potential to keep a community on edge if they are not taught the correct ways to behave. Many of them turn to drugs when they do not have other options. Care farming is used to keep kids out of UK streets when they get home from school. This is especially true for kids who do no have parents. It allows them to use their time in a constructive manner, and to build friendships with others. Once they see that they can create better bonds with others, they become more willing to act correctly.

Another way that communities benefit from care farming, is that it encourages people to eat cleanly. This means that people learn to consume foods that do not contain pesticides or harmful substances. Meat from animals often contains antibiotics and hormones, but care farming shows that you do not have to treat animals with substances to get good results. Most communities who utilise care farming start a new culture of eating the right way, and learning to live off of the land. Everyone in the community has access to fresh vegetables and fruits.

Care farming helps communities because it instils work ethic in everyone. Some regions of the UK are seeing an increase of obesity cases. People who become lazy often keep the same patterns until they are too difficult to change. The good news is that care farming allows people to achieve new goals. During the process they start to become more physically fit, and they grow more confident as they lose weight. People within a community must provide support to help one another, and care farming provides the best atmosphere for accomplishing such tasks.