Posted on July 22, 2014

Set Up A Care Farm

One of the most rewarding aspects of life is working together to accomplish a goal. Care farms provide a great opportunity for people to work with one another. However, those who direct a care farm have many different responsibilities. They must possess an acute attention to detail, and they must be ready to fix any problems which arise. Additionally, those who create care farms are responsible for the well-being of all participants. This becomes a challenge when working with people who have various disabilities or ailments. However, a structured environment allows a care farm to be highly successful.

The establishment of rules is the primary responsibility of care farm directors who cater to the needs of teenagers. Teens often come to care farms to rehabilitate, or to learn from their mistakes. This means that they sometimes arrive with poor attitudes. If you choose to operate this type of care farm, then you must present the rules very clearly. The teens should have rules relating to how they should treat one another with respect. They also need to understand that following directions is a vital part of the process. Young people are willing to listen to adults who present fair rules, and who clearly explain the goals of the care farm.

Once you decide to create a care farm, you must establish the hours of operation. Most of the people who are in charge of these types of farms set hours that cater to busy lives. Weekends are the best times to set longer hours for people. This allows visitors to take part in the activities when they are not at work. After you set the hours of operation, you must establish a system to keep track of the participants. A daily roll call is certainly important. A sign-up sheet should also be present to help all of the staff to account for everyone who is present.

A care farm is incorporates both plants and animals during day-to-day activities. If you plan to grow crops, however, you must be aware of the prime seasons to start growing them. Planning ahead is a major part of the entire process. Those who participate in care farming want to see their efforts turn into a finished product. Some parts of the UK receive more annual rainfall than others, so this will be a factor in helping you to decide the best growing season as well. Consider sunlight and the length of day to determine the best types of plants to grow.

Animal care is a crucial aspect to care farming. It requires money for food, housing and other maintenance. There are many people who come to care farms to work directly with animals. They provide a stress relief for people as well. Make sure to contact local food dispensaries to get prices. The number of livestock that you keep will determine your overall expenses for housing and food. Exercise good judgement when setting up a care farm, and you’ll reap the benefits from your effort.