Posted on May 19, 2014

Who Benefits from Care Farms?

Farming is an activity which provides therapeutic benefits to all types of people. It requires patience, an attention to detail, and goal-setting. Care farming is considered to be a great way to help all people recover from their various mental or physical ailments. Additionally, it benefits those who have emotional or behavioural issues.Thus, the range of people who see positive results from this type of farming is enormous. Although care farming does help everyone to feel better about themselves, it provides different results for each person. Interestingly, this practice provides a multitude of great benefits. Here are some ways in which care farming benefits different groups of people.

Depression is a mental ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. Cases of depression have increased in many parts of the UK, and more doctors are prescribing medications to deal with theses issues. However, each person reacts to medication differently, and many people who have depression, do not respond well to traditional treatments methods. Care farming benefits those who are depressed. It keeps their mind off of the things that bother them the most, and it allows them to focus positive energy on other actions. The sense of accomplishment achieved by those who are depressed helps them to feel much better about themselves.

The circumstances of life often leave people feeling broken and lost. This often occurs whenever a tragedy strikes a family. Sometimes young kids are left without parents after a tragic car accident. Children who are refugees from war-torn countries face many obstacles as well. These people all benefit from care farming. It allows them to interact with others who have experienced similar losses. The work that they do to raise animals and plants allows them to see that they can make a real difference for others. Care farming provides a platform for people who have similarities to learn and grow from one another.

Disaffected or troubled youths also benefit from care farming. Studies show that teenagers and other young adults who initially hate the idea of care farming, eventually come around to it. In fact, many of them excel on the farm. One of the reasons they excel is that they get to work with many different types of animals. Teenagers of all ages find animals to be fascinating, and feeding and petting them provides therapeutic opportunities. This is definitely true for young people who exhibit anger issues toward others.

Some people have behavioural and social issues that prevent them from adjusting to a normal society. Although they might not break many laws, they often lack the ability to conform to societal norms, thus they do not have many friends, and they might have trouble acquiring work. Care farms allow people to interact with one another to complete tasks. This teamwork allows them to understand that they can function normally when they are off of the care farm. Confidence is the key to success, and care farming provides a confidence boost, and so much more.